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YMCA Sleep Meditation

Do you need more sleep? Then come’ on down to the YMCA Saturday’s 1:30-2:30p for a total reset. This sleep class is a different kind of sleep, and is a great family activity.


$10 Adult

$5 Child 10-17

Yoga nidra is the future of yoga. Anyone can do it, there is no way to do it wrong and all you have to do is lie down and close your eyes. Guidance through breath and body awareness begins to relax the body-mind complex and effortlessly sails the brainwave frequencies through deeper states of consciousness from Beta> Alpha> Theta > Delta.

Due to progress in science & such research, we now begin to comprehend that yoga nidra not only ensures a deep sense of peace & total relaxation but also provides preventative, promotive & curative benefits.  Extensive neuroimaging provides the most impressive results.  Science proves that through meditation one can alter the states of the brain.

• INDUCES complete physical, emotional & mental relaxation due to alpha dominant brain waves

• ENHANCES the memory & learning capacity as knowledge is transmitted directly into the subconscious mind

• COUNTERACTS stress by balancing the sympathetic & parasympathetic systems

• CREATIVELY automatically awakens as one becomes tuned with the unconscious workings of the mind

• WIDESPREAD applications for therapeutic management of many diseases (both acute / chronic), towards degenerative & stress related conditions

• EFFECTIVELY manages various psychosomatic diseases

• SUCCESSFULLY administered to manage various psychological disorders

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