Detox Power Flow
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Detox Power Flow

Hi, I am Mandy Kulbacki. I have been practicing yoga for more than half of my life. Through my personal practice, I have learned to see with my eyes and live in every moment. I am here to invite you to do the same. Life is precious. Don’t miss out on the spectacular gift of presence. 

Not only does yoga help to enhance the meaning of your life, detox power flow will help strengthen the body, stretch the muscles and connective tissues, release tension and stress, calm your mind and increase your energy level. The yoga in my classes supports the body’s natural detoxification process by improving respiration, circulation, and lymphatic flow through fluid and dynamic movement. This increases oxygenated blood flow to the entire body including the organs, helping to release toxic residue. We will work hard, sweat, jam-out and smile when it’s over. 

First class at SOY is complimentary.

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